Once upon a time I was a biochemist. These days I’m in pharmaceutical regulation. In my off hours I’m an embroiderer. I have a knack for picking the cool careers.

I live in Germany - entirely through my own fault - but grew up in Australia. There I had a rust-bucket Toyota called Bob and wore a lot of sunscreen. Here I have a rust-bucket VW bus called The Bulli and wear a lot of scarves. I’ve been here fourteen years, so I’m probably not going anywhere else soon - at least until I can afford a deserted Pacific island.


I have a BSc(Hons) in biochemistry and a doctorate in protein crystallography. I’m still waiting for the day the overwhelming importance of the structure of a sugar cutting enzyme from a thermophilic bacteria is recognised and my doctoral work is justified.

Over the last decade I have worked as a researcher for a couple of universities, a biotech, international research organisations and pharma companies.

A while ago I made the move into pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and can be found with the German affliate of these guys. It’s actually a lot more fun than Wikipedia would suggest.


I’m an embroiderer of many years habit, an embroidery designer of many years wishfulness and an embroidery artist much to occasional surprise.
I’ve been published in magazines and a few books. I also sell cross stitch patterns online. They aren’t quite what you expect.
My embroidery art has been exhibited in several group and solo shows and showcased around the web. While I like a number of embroidery methods, I prefer stumpwork - a three dimensional technique - and I try to avoid the cutsey-whatsits that has plagued embroidery for so long.

You can find most of my embroidery documented at my other site, Stitchalicious .


For a while I worked as a freelance writer in some of my favourite fields. I’ve been a a science writer, travel blogger, a Berlin expert and an embroidery writer.

Once I had a piece of fiction published. It was very small.


If you’ve questions,comments or know of a deserted pacific island going cheap, email me on jacinta at jacintalodge dot com.